ATLANTA -- Could Katniss Everdeen and company be coming to Atlanta? It could be the worst-kept secret in show business, but the people involved in the next Hunger Games movie production haven't made any official announcement.

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Media outlets like WLOS in North Carolina are reporting that the crew is most likely moving away from that state and down to this one. That could mean a boom for local businesses and fans who want the chance to be cast as an extra. But it would also mean lost jobs for those in North Carolina.

The first Hunger Games movie raked in nearly $400 million domestically and topped the box office for a solid month. Fans like Ashely Leckwold saw it multiple times. She's on her second reading of the three-book series.

"It just speaks to me. Katniss Everdeen is a wonderful heroine, and a believable one too," Leckwold said. "It just gives me a little bit of hope, that there's always going tobe somebody that will stand up for someone that they love."

The second movie is expected to do just as well or better than the first, and is set to start shooting later this year. Pre-production starts in weeks. The Georgia Film Office said it is awaiting an official announcement on where the production company plans to shoot.

If you want to be an extra, be careful of casting calls that are trying to scam you into giving up your information or money. The official Georgia site for calls tries to make sure all its postings are legitimate.

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