ATLANTA -- "Ted" has to be one of the most offensive, vulgar and improper movies I've ever seen...and I couldn't stop laughing!

Mark Whalberg stars as John Bennett, who grew up lonely, with only his stuffed bear Ted to keep him company. One magical evening he makes a wish that Ted was real and Poof! Ted becomes real. He then grows up to be a pot smoking, partying, immature delinquent and John grows up much the same way, somehow snagging Lori (Mila Kunis) as a girlfriend, but working at a dead end job. Thanks to Lori, he is trying to grow up but failing miserably, and with no small thanks to Ted. Then it comes time for John to answer the ultimate question: Grow up and be with Lori or stay immature and party with Ted?

Seth Macfarlane, whom you will know as the creator of "Family Guy," pretty much takes "Family Guy" to the big screen. It has similar jokes and humor, it's just live action. Macfarlane has gathered quite the cast and cameo list, which only adds to the humor in its own way. Other than the cast of "Family Guy," there are cameos by Tom Skerrit, Sam Jones, Norah Jones, Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Stewart (as the narrator), Joel McHale, and Giovanni Ribisi.

Bottom Line...if you like "Family Guy" and aren't offended easily... Go!"Ted" is R-Rated so don't take the kids! Nudity, drugs, racism, language, so on and so forth do abound. Just a warning.

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