NEW YORK -- Citing content that might be considered "insensitive" after the Colorado theater shootings, DC Comics is delaying the release of one Batman title by a month, the publisher announced Tuesday.

Batman, Incorporated #3, which was to have been released Wednesday, is to be held for sale or online posting until Aug. 22 "because the comic contains content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events," DC Comics said in an e-mail to retailers that the Associated Press obtained. The content was not specified.

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Monday night, the artist who draws Batman, Incorporated, Chris Burnham, tweeted the news that it would be delayed "due to some grim imagery that would seem wholly inappropriate given the Aurora killings."

Though he, too, did not offer details, he followed up with this:

He also said that the title had already been printed and that he was "pretty sure" that DC was not considering "pulping them."

Note to adds that it wasn't clear whether BI#3 would "double-ship in August, or simply run an issue behind the rest of the "Second Wave" titles."

What's in BI#3, written by Grant Morrison?

THE NEW 52 debut of...MATCHES MALONE?? • BATMAN is hot on the trail of whoever is trying to kill DAMIAN - and he's not going to like what he finds!

Other Batman titles slated for release -- Batman: The Dark Knight #11 this week and Detective Comics #12 next week -- are not being delayed, the AP said.

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