LONDON -- After securing your place in Olympic history by winning your 22nd overall medal, what's next?

For American swimmer Michael Phelps, he turned his attention to his girlfriend, model Megan Rossee.

In truth, Phelps has quietly been dating Rossee for about five months. But Monday night, he made his first official appearance with his flame on the red carpet at an event hosted by Speedo in London.

Rossee is a 25-year-old Los Angeles model.

Phelps is a newly retired 22-time Olympic medalist who, when asked about the thought of marriage a day earlier, laughed and deflected the question.

Rossee has not been quite so bashful. Her Instagram accounthas included many candid shots of Phelps and also a picture of herself pushing a baby stroller with the caption "Maaaaaybe in 5-10 years."

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