ATLANTA -- You may not recognize it immediately, but if you've visited the Team USA websitein the past month, you've likely heard the song.

It's called "We Are" and it's being used as the 2012 Olympictheme song for Team USA.

The song itself was created about a year ago in a Decatur basement, in the home of brothers Darrell and Howie Eversley. Together with their friend Shaun Spearman, the three men formed FRESHM3N III, a production company.

The trio was raised in metro Atlanta. Shaun and Darrell graduated from St. Pius High School in 2004; Howie finished four years later. They moved to Los Angeles in June 2012 to pursue producing full time.

The song was originally used as the theme song for the movie "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift." The men had no idea it had been selected as Team USA's theme song until theysaw it last month in an online video.

"I was in the kitchen cooking and I heard some screaming," Darrell Eversley said.

"I said 'What's going on?' and they said 'We have the theme song for the Olympics!'"

The three are tight-lipped about upcoming projects, but say you can expect to see some big things in the future. They credit"We Are" with launching their career.

"It's incredible because we grew up idolizing Olympic athletes and watching the Olympics," Howard Eversley said.

"So it's just mind-blowing that some kids from Atlanta can create the theme song for Team USA. It's an honor."

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