AUGUSTA, Ga. -- An Augusta woman who lost 136 pounds and kept it off will be featured in the latest issue of People magazine.

Heather Feaneyhough told People that she gained roughly 125 pounds during her two pregnancies. At her heaviest, she weighed 254 pounds.

"I'd send my husband out to get me ice cream at 10 p.m.," Feaneyhough, 24, said in the interview. "I'd stay up late, and after my family went to bed, I'd go to a restaurant at midnight for cheese fries, pancakes and an omelet."

Feaneyhough said she become motivated to change after her 1-year-old son ran away from her in a mall and she couldn't catch up with him. She told People she began working out and following the Eat-Clean Diet.

Now, Feaneyhough weighs 118 pounds and has made it through two rounds of P90X.

The new issue of People hits newsstands Friday. Feaneyhough's story will also be featured on Extra, Inside Edition and Good Morning America.

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