(WXIA) -- NBC announced late last week that summer medical drama "Saving Hope" was being canceled, and that the last two episodes would be made available online.

The drama followed Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance, best known from


) and her fiancé, Dr. Charles Harris (Michael Shanks,

"Stargate SG-1"

). Harris was in a coma after an auto accident while on his way to their wedding. Reid continued to work with other patients in the hope that Harris would survive. Reid discovered he could roam the corridors of the hospital in spirit form over the course of the series.

Harris was Chief of Surgery at Toronto's Hope Zion Hospital, but was replaced by Reid after his accident.

The series aired simultaneously on NBC and Canada's CTV network as a 13-episode summer series. While NBC canceled the show this week, CTV announced they would be renewing the series for a 13 episode second season next summer.

The final two episodes will be available online, with the 12th episode available immediately and the 13th and season finale episode available next Sunday, the day after it airs on CTV. Viewers can find the episodes on and

HuluPlus viewers will be able to stream the episodes to their set top boxes, allowing them to watch on their television sets.

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