(USA Today) -- This may not be the kind of endorsement you want.

Pop star Madonna gave a shout-out to President Obama last night during a concert in Washington, D.C., telling fans to vote for the incumbent and adding: "For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House!"

Obama has repeatedly asserted his Christian faith.

New York magazine -- in a blurb about "Madonna's Unhelpful Obama Endorsement" -- noted that she could well have been mocking Obama's critics.

Reports New York:

"Now, Madonna has never met a controversy she doesn't like, and the body language on these comments -- body leaning forward, face scrunched up like a small, bratty child -- suggests that she might just be mocking the people who actually do believe Barack Obama is Muslim.

But this thing is already on Drudge, so what does it really matter. Not helping, Madonna!"

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