CHARLOTTE-- The groundwork for a feud was laid the minute it was announced Nicki Minaj was joining Mariah Carey at the American Idol judge's table. Would the panel be big enough for two divas?

Now the two have had their first clash, according to TMZ.The site has video of Minaj in major rant mode at the Charlotte auditions Tuesday.

The audio is difficult to hear and there are a lot of f-words flying, but, TMZ says at one point Minaj said, "I told them I'm not (effing) putting up with her (effing) highness over there."

Fellow judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson appear to be trying to calm Minaj down.

TMZcites the website as verifying the story. It quotes unnamed sources as saying Minaj "walked off of set because Mariah kept making jabs at her." But the leaked videohas many questioning if it's all a set-up by producers to get viewers to tune in when the show returns in January.After all, who took the footage?

The only person talking about it so far is Ryan Seacrest, who hinted at the brou-haha in a tweet: "Going to bed in Charlotte after an anything but dull day at #idol auditions."

Keith Urban didn't: "Awesome #IdolAuditions day today Charlotte. Lotta soul, lotta country, lotta down home cool. -KU"

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