ATLANTA - While most of Georgia's economy continues to suffer, the movie business is going gang busters here and growing.

More than 300 movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos were shot in Georgia the past year, bringing about $880-million to our economy.

Now there's even more confirmation that Hollywood's loss is Georgia's gain.

A new study by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation shows the traditional Hollywood area has lost more than 16,000 movie jobs over the past 8 years, nearly a 14% drop.

Most, about 14,000, went to New York State.

About 2,200 went to Louisiana.

And Georgia got about 800 of those Hollywood jobs.

But our state film office says that's just the tip of the iceberg of what amounts to about 11,000 movie jobs in Georgia these days.

"We have people from North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana and we also have a lot of people in Georgia that were not in the film business that have gotten into the film business," state film office director Lee Thomas told 11 Alive news on Monday.

The movie business has always liked Georgia for its varied shooting locations and cheap non-union labor.

But since 2005 it's really loved a 20% tax credit that got even sweeter in 2008.

"The studios' accounting offices are really the people that say these are the states you can shoot in and that's based on the incentive, I mean, it's a bottom line industry," Thomas added.

Heck, even former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is shooting a movie in Georgia right now.

Thanks to tight budgets, some states like Arizona and Michigan have cut back on their tax credits and had to rethink it.

After all, whenever they holler 'cut', it's Georgia's gain.

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