ATLANTA -- The award-winning director and producer of the movie"Snow on tha Bluff," a gritty look at one of the city's roughest neighborhoods, are casting for their next film and hoping to find their star in Atlanta.

In their second film, director Damon Russell and producer Chris Knittel will profile a recent war veteran as he or she adjusts to life back home. The ideal character would live in the Atlanta area and have served a tour of duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan. The duo said they have norace, age or gender preference.

"I'm not looking for someone to do a Shakespearean monologue or something like that," Russell said. "I'm just looking for someone who has a fire inside of them and has a story to tell."

The movie willbe a docu-drama: story of that veteran's life infused with a bit of fictional narrative. Any applicant must be willing to allow cameras to follow him or her closely for an extended period of time.

"You hear a lot about politicians talking about this, or people in power,but you never really see the transitioning and the readjusting to life from [the veteran's] perspective," Knittel said. "And we think that's a story that's important to tell."

This is a paid role and filming is set to begin in January. Russell and Knittel hope to find their main character as soon as possible. Anyone interested in applying should call 678-906-6721 or email

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