(USA Today) -- Can you tell the difference between Duchess Kate's new hairstyle and her old one? No? Then you're not a professional stylist nor a woman with long, straight hair trying to freshen your look.

In the UK today, everybody's talking (well, everyone in the royal press pack) about the former Kate Middleton's new "fringe," as the British call bangs. Several papers, including The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, even went so far as to compare the new style with that of the late Princess Diana's hair in the 1980s, which was a bit of a stretch.

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"It's real simple - she just added a fringe, long bangs and little bit of layering on top," says George Gonzales of George The Salon, a celebrity stylist in Chicago, who says the new look is probably the result of Kate's desire to "do something fun" without cutting too much or adding a lot of complicated layering.

The new do was likely created by Kate's longtime stylist, Richard Ward, who accompanied her on a recent international tour.

"It's still pretty much all one length but now has this addition that gives her a lot more style and adds a fresh, young look," he says. "She won't be stuck with it forever and she can still wear her hair up for formal events."

The Duchess of Cambridge, as she is now known, debuted the new look in public on Tuesday night, but thousands more got to see her up close today on a visit with husband Prince William to Cambridge, the university town that gives the name of their royal title.

Gonzales says he expects American women with long straight hair and no layers will be turning up at their salons looking for something similar, which is easy to achieve.

"It's just creating a triangle section from the top of the head, pulling the hair down and cutting it on a slight angle, depending on the face shape," he says. "Hers is done really well; since she has a rounder face, it's not too much of an angle, which would emphasize that. This is cut more square and so eliminates roundness in her face."

Kate's style choices are known to be widely influential, even with Americans. Women who have been thinking of adding bangs to their long hair now know what to ask for, Gonzales says.

"If they didn't know what it would look like, now all of sudden someone like her does it and it makes it all better. And she looks good."

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