ATLANTA -- Denise Nash's office is her new white minivan.

"It's always on the go,"Nashsaid while unpacking the vehicle on the set of an independent film in Rome, Georgia.

Crammed with supplies, Denise has to cater to the film crew with a sweet tooth and the A-lister trying to stay fit.

"Gotta have grapes, carrots, have to have bananas, apples, tangerines," Nash explained while running downher daily grocery list. "Then Slim Jims, Fruit Rollups, gummy bears."

The 46-year-old Sandy Springs mother has found her niche after a couple of challenging yearsofunemployment.

"No body wants to hire a 46-year-old woman that hasn't been in college in forever," she said. "Two years of it was really breaking me."

The single-mom of two children, a teenager and a child in college,reinvented herself.

Since launching Southeast Craft Services, in the fall of 2010, she found workwith 10 movie and TV productions. Her work days start early andcan run long after sunset.

Theavailable work isn't predictable and the paycheck has a large spread depending on the size of the production. Still, Denise loves relishes the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

"Being around creative people makes me happy," Nash explained. "I feel like a totally new person."

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