ATLANTA --You wouldn't think a giant ferris wheel would sneak up on people, but it seems to have surprised a lot of people downtown.

"I didn't even know that they had a Ferris wheel right there. I was just shocked they had a Ferris wheel," said Isaiah Smith.

"I didn't have a clue it was here so it was really cool to see," said Matt Rosen.


PHOTOS | Atlanta SkyView Ferris Wheel

It took some time to build, but now that the SkyView Ferris wheel is complete it's tough to miss.

"I think it's big," said Michael Ford.

A big, unique bright spot in the Atlanta skyline.

"When we first arrived in town the first thing I saw was this, because it's white and there's nothing else like it nearby," said Sandra Wong.

The broad, bright wheel stands twenty stories high with forty-two gondolas that will be able to hold up to six people

"For locals we think they are going to want to do this over and over again because it presents a unique view of the area, when you're down here with kids they're going to see it and want to take part in it," said Jason Evans of SkyView Atlanta.

Isaiah Smith sure does.

"Twenty stories. I'm not going to be scared of that. Not at all," he said.

Others may simply admire how it adorns the downtown skyline.

"I think it is quite beautiful," Wong said.

The SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel opens at noon on Tuesday. This Ferris wheel has quite a view of Atlanta and quite a history. It's lived in Paris, Switzerland and Pensacola.

The price to ride is 8.50 for kids and 13.50 for adults. Don't forget to add in the cost to park downtown, too. If you park in the Luckie Street lot there's a discounted rate with the purchase of a Ferris wheel ticket. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. until 11 p.m.

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