ATLANTA -- There's "panda-monium" in the air at Zoo Atlanta after the birth of twin panda cubs.

"We've been awaiting the news," said Amber Conner.

The tiny cubs fit in your palm are going to get a lot cuter as they grow older. They will simply be called "the twins" until they're 100 days old. That's the age when, according to Chinese tradition, pandas receive their name.

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"I would name them cookies and cream because they are black and white and cookies and cream is normally black and white. Good name," said Emily Stancil.

Zoo Atlanta will consult China before names are selected, after all the country technically owns all pandas in the United States, even the twins. They are the first set born in America for twenty years. Raising them takes care.

"The female basically abandons one and only raises one cub. In a zoo setting we are able to augment that and keep one in the incubator and actually swap them out so that she raises both cubs but not at the same time," said Dr. Dwight Lawson.

You'll have a chance to name these twins.

"I normally let my wife or the kids pick the name and it's normally from a Pixar movie or something," said Jeremy Sloan.

The Zoo will launch a public naming campaign near the 100 day mark.

"They seem to always pick really great and interesting names," Connor said.

Until then its' going to take a lot of tender love and care to keep these newborns healthy.

"At this point every hour of every day is a bit of a milestone," Lawson said.

Their older brothers Xi Lan and Po will go back to China later this fall. Zookeepers are still working to figure out the gender of the twins.

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