NBC -- It's a live 24/7 game showthat tests brainpower and stamina over one million seconds (11 ½ days).

Whoever lasts the longest wins the most money.

Plus, you can play along at home and qualify to become a contestant on the prime time NBC show.

>>Click here to sign up and play now, for your chance to "line jump".

PHOTOS | The Million Second Quiz in New York

MSQ is the first fully convergent television experience, where viewers will be able to play along at home in real time, sync to the live prime time broadcast and get the opportunity to join the show in progress.

More than 1,000 contestants will compete for the largest guaranteed prize in game show history.

More than 20,000 questions will be written for the event.

The competition and the live television show will take place from the MSQ state-of-the-art facility topped with a three-story hourglass-shaped structure in the heart of Manhattan.

The competition kicks off Sunday, September 8th at 6:30 a.m. and goes on non-stop, 24/7 for 1 million seconds or 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds.

The show will premiere on Monday, September 9th at 8p.m. ET and will air every night for ten nights from 8-9p.m. ET (except Sunday, September 15), with a 2-hour finale on Thursday, September 19th from 8-10p.m. ET.

The prime time show will recap the best gameplay from the previous 23 hours and includes the most consequential high stakes bouts of the day, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake every night.

The online game and app are a social game where you play head to head quiz bouts with friends or are randomly paired with players around the country.

If you accumulate 3,500 points in the app, you become eligible as a possible Line Jumper in the broadcast. The selected Line Jumpers will be surprised at home during the live broadcast and flown to NY to enter the live competition the next night in prime time.

During the competition, contestants battle it out in a game of knowledge, strategy and endurance in a series of head to head quiz bouts.

The center of power of the game is the Money Chair that sits inside the Hourglass. The goal of the contestants is to maintain control of the Money Chair for as long as possible by winning every head to head bout against the next challenger.

For every second a player holds onto the Money Chair, they earn $10/second. That's $600/minute, $36,000 per hour and $864,000 per day!

Lose a bout and your challenger takes over the Money Chair. But if you have one of the top four scores, you enter Winners' Row.

Winners Row is where the game's top four players at any given time live, eat, sleep and keep up with current events through the networks of NBCUniversal.

Keeping up with the latest information is key as some of the quiz questions will reflect the latest events from the world of sports, news and pop culture.

Winners' Row players are never safe because one of them gets challenged every night in prime time by the holder of the Money Chair in a David vs. Goliath bout where the winner takes all and the loser must leave the hourglass.

At the end of the million seconds, the final four contestants in Winners' Row plus the last person in the Money Chair take home their earnings and battle it out for a final prize, guaranteeing the largest prize in game show history.

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