SMYRNA, Ga. -- Eighteen people are packed into the living room of a Smyrna house.

"We got some new people here," he says.

The newbies stand out. They shift foot to foot, trying to prepare for something they've never done: yoga.

"Inhale cobra, exhale down dog," he says.

And it's not yoga. As they reach their arms toward the ceiling, the instructor yells, "Superstar!"

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That word also describes the teacher. Diamond Dallas Page was a three-time professional wrestling world champion.

"That's how I lived my life -- high impact. Bam. Bam. Bam! Beating up my body," he said.

Then, 13 years ago, he blew his back out.

"I was the guy who wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga," he admitted.

But yoga is what healed his back and took his life in a new direction. He took the traditional yoga that healed him, and put his spin on it. He holds free yoga classes five days a week in his living room.

"They can buy the DVDs," Dallas says with a laugh.

Dallas has sold more than 50,000 of his DDP Yoga DVDs. DDP has achieved cult status, with many devotees converted by the video of a man named Arthur Voorman, a disabled war veteran who chronicled how DDP Yoga changed his life. It's been viewed almost 10 million times.

"I gave one guy hope. He's given millions hope," Dallas said.

Dallas's yoga class is filled with convincing poster kids, which is important. This is a man whose business reincarnation depends on believers.

But maybe the most famous DDP convert is Jake Roberts -- Jake the Snake Roberts --- a world champion wrestler and admitted drug addict.

"I had hip replacement and my rehab was beer and cocaine," Roberts said.

He has lived with Dallas for a year. "He's Mr. Positive. God, he's positive," Roberts said of his roommate.

And he does DDP Yoga.

"I look better today than since I was 35. And I'm 58. Just got the hair plugs done. Yeah baby, can't stop me!" he joked.

Diamond Dallas Page is the kind of Svengali you get when you cross a pro wrestler, with a yoga teacher, with a salesman, with a drill sergeant.

And his followers can't get enough.

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