DOUGLAS COUNTY, GA - Maybe it's because he's not running for re-election after 43 years in law enforcement, the last 16 as Douglas County Sheriff, but Phil Miller is making national headlines for jumping into the Duck Dynasty controversy.

Specifically, he is hitting back against the Arts and Entertainment network after it suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for some anti-gay comments in a recent GQ Magazine article.

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"In my opinion he was being punished because he believed in the Bible," Miller told 11 Alive News on Monday.

Miller said he shares the same beliefs Robertson expressed about a book prominently displayed on his desk.

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"That's my belief in Christianity and my belief in the Bible and my belief that people ought not be punished for their belief," Miller said.

In retaliation for Robertson's suspension, Sheriff Miller is cutting ties with A&E's Scared Straight program, which has filmed several episodes in his jail.

"To me it was a tool to add some credence to what I was saying and let everybody know that I meant what I was saying," he explained.

Miller's Facebook page has drawn comments from all over, mostly supportive, but some condemning him as well.

"Those people have the right to say that just like I hope I have the right to say what I said," he added.

Meanwhile, Cracker Barrel restaurants changed their minds Sunday about banning Duck Dynasty merchandise from their gift shops after a storm of protests, saying, "You told us we were wrong. We listened."

Entertainment Weekly also posted a weekend story that Robertson may soon return to the hugely popular TV show, but so far, that hasn't been confirmed.

In his first interview since being suspended, Robertson told MailOnline Sunday that he will not apologize for condemning the sin and not the sinner.

Sheriff Miller agrees.

"As a Christian, I believe that if I hate you for what you do or for what you are I don't believe I can go to Heaven either," he added.

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