For just a moment, the glitz and glamour of the Oscars gave way to a moment of remembrance. The "in memoriam" section of the Oscars included the culmination of a worldwide social media push called "Slides for Sarah".

Sarah Jones was a 27-year-old camera assistant living and working in Atlanta. She was on the set if "Midnight Rider" in Savannah when she was hit and killed by a train.

An online campaign called for the Academy Awards to include her in the Oscars memorial. Movie slates from stars and movie crews around the world poured into the group's website. As late as Saturday, insiders suggested the chances Sarah getting an Oscar memorial nod was unlikely. But it happened. Sarah's name was featured in a lower third graphic, along with her photo.

The filming of "Midnight Rider" remains suspended. There's a push for better safety measures on all film sets in wake of her accident.

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