MIAMI (NBC) -- The Miami Beach Police Department hasreleased new pictures of pop star Justin Bieber in the hours shortly after he was arrested in January.

Bieber was taken into custody in the early morning hours of January 23 after he was spotted drag racing.

He was taken into custody for allegedly driving under the influence, resisting arrest and having an expired license tag.

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The pictures were taken inside the Miami Beach Police Department as he was being processed and booked.

They reveal a variety of tattoos on his leg, arm, neck and back.

A judge ruled on Tuesday that police video clips of Bieber will also be made public, but only after portions are blacked out to protect the singer's privacy.

"The right to privacy is paramount and Mr. Bieber's right to privacy is paramount, therefore the court finds there exists a right to privacy as it relates to the exposure and desimination of the defendant's genitalia, as such any images that depict or appear to depict the defendant's genitalia shall be restricted from disclosure," said Judge William Altfield.

Bieber's attorney said he was satisfied with the ruling.

"On behalf of Mr. Bieber, we want to issue our thanks to the court for spending so much time analyzing this issue and examining the tapes and the case law and finding that even Mr. Bieber has a right of privacy," said Bieber's attorney, Roy Black.


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