If movies are all smoke and mirrors - Georgia's new production house, Pinewood studios, is a virtual magic show of special effects.

This spring, the studio behind Harry Potter and the new Star Wars movies will open a permanent facility in Fayateville. And they'll need to hire local crew members to conjure up some movie magic.

"Pinewood has built a facility that is top of the line and it's really going to be applicable to those big budget films,"Matt Forshee said.

The Fayetteville facility will house five sound stages across 288 acres.

Pinewood competes for the Top 50 most expensive films every year, renting out studio space to movie makers. To help them staff locally, Pinewood will provide a database of potential crew members.

Now is the time to get your name on that list!

The first production starts filming here this Spring.

If you want in on the movie magic at Pinewood Studios, you can submit your resume here.

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