CANTON, Ga -- Explosive experts had residents on edge on Monday in a Canton neighborhood.Six explosive devices, characterized by police as pipe bombs,were discovered in an upscale home in the Woodbury neighborhood and a 14-year-old boy was suspected of making them.

Detectives returned toWoodbury Lane on Tuesday evening where theyarrested two adults, and took them to the Canton County Police Department. They have charged Brian and Sandra Howell, both 49, with six counts eachof Possession, Manufacture, etc. of a Destructive Device and two counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

"He's a good kid basically," said Dianna of the charged juvenile. Shewho lives across the street from where the explosives were seized anddidn't want to give her last name.

On Monday, Canton police, assisted by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation bomb squad, cordoned off the house and found theexplosives after obtaining a search warrant.

Why? Because of what we learned happenedat the Woodbury neighborhood pool during the night of July 3rd.

11Alive has obtained a police report concerning theincident.

According to the Canton police report, someone entered the men's room after hours and destroyed the toilet and stainless steel paper towel holder. We've now learned that management suspected a cherry bomb and suspected a young boy in the neighborhood.

Healong with another 14 year old boy, described as his friend,have beenchargedwith criminal damage to property valued at $550.00 and have also been charged with two counts of Possession, Manufacture, etc. of a Destructive Device.

"Just a 14 year old boy being a 14 year old boy that's all it is," said Dianna, who says she has spent some time with the boy.

She says he was adopted by his foster parents who have lived in the neighborhood for several years.

"He had some problems with his biological parents," she said, adding the recent event was just a teen prank.

But Canton Police Chief Robert Merchantdescribes it differently.

"I have to characterize this as a dysfunctional situation.You had adults in the residence who had knowledge of and did nothing to intervene in this entire matter," he said.

It's easy to understand why police took it seriously, given what happened in Aurora Colorado on July 20th, when a young man opened fire in a theater and rigged his apartment with explosives.

"Just everybody's all panicking and thinking oh it's going to happen here but this is a quiet neighborhood. I know this boy. He's been in my garage looking at my motorcycles and stuff. He's fine," Dianna said.

She said she had talked with the boy's mother who is cooperating with police.

"They were store bought fireworks shoved in a pipe and that's all it is."

Chief Merchant says he was around when one of the devices was detonated and fears what could have happened in an uncontrolled situation.

"Somebody being injured or possibly killed.I think the community as a whole is better off because we did the proper thing at the right time," he said.

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