ATLANTA -- Are frustrations over parking in Atlanta spilling over or is it a case of simple vandalism? Sometime Sunday night someone jacked up the parking meters along Edgewood Avenue in East Atlanta, making it impossible to pay.

"It's just basically people who are continually being disrespected by PARKatlanta," said L True Green, who runs a fitness and wellness center called WETT on Edgewood Avenue.

"They'll walk up and start writing a ticket if you're putting money in the meter," he said. "I've seen it happen, to me, on several occasions."

Across the street at the Georgia Justice Project, Doug Ammar had the same sentiment.

"You can't put money in the meter so it's obviously a sign of resistance to the PARKaltanta folks, I think," he said.

He's used to seeing graffiti and vandalism in the neighborhood and PARKatlanta is no stranger to it either.

"You know it happens all the time. I mean these things we don't take it personal. We just take it, it is an incident that we had to overcome, and we were successful in doing such," Anderson Moore said as we stood along the avenue where 45 meters were plugged up.

"Each meter probably took an hour to 45 minutes to repair," he said.

A few tickets were apparently issued during that time but he assured 11Alive Newsthat they would be dismissed if the meter was broken. He also filed a police report but at this point no arrests have been made.

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