WOODSTOCK, GA -- Police said they want to talk to a 30-year-old Woodstock man about the death of a baby girl found, severely injured, in his home on Sunday.

"He's obtained counsel and is not speaking with us," saidLt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County's Sheriff's Office.

11Alive Newshas discovered a history of family violence involving the man.

"The injuries to the child seem suspicious and are concerning to investigators,"Baker said.

GBI isconducting an autopsy but no further details are being released.

Here's what we know --17 month old, Kaylee Rayne Johnson, was found at the bottom of the basement stairs at 1am Sunday by her mother, 22 year old Jaime NaKail Beck.

Beck was staying in the house with her boyfriend, 30 year old Michael John Naples. Police say, whenshe got up to get a glass of water, she noticed the door to the basement door was open and that's when she saw her daughter at the bottom of the stairs. Emergency crews were called and the child died in the hospital on Tuesday.

News of the child's death came as a shock to Francis Brewer, who lives across the street.

"Oh my goodness. I did not know that," she said, when we told her what happened.

"There were always a little minor problems in the neighborhood and there was police over there all the time."

We dug through records, at theCherokee County Courthouse, and discoveredfour different Protective Orders filed against Naples, by two different woman. Both women allege violent behavior, by Naples, as far back as 2004. His former wife, even sought protective custody for their six month old daughter, accusing Naples of 'bruising the baby' and 'holding the baby's jaw shut when the baby was crying'.

As we read the reports, it appeared the violence escalated. There were accusations of death threats, choking, and holding a knife to another woman's throat.

We want to be clear that Naples has not been charged with any crimes and we did knock on his door trying to seek a comment.

"Right now, the investigators are scouring over the evidence, and we'll see where it leads us," Lt Bakersaid.

Georgia's Department of Children and Family Services has now confirmed they have a history with the case but have not provided further details.

Naples has a 6-year-old boy and Beck has anotheryoung child, a 3-year-old girl; both children have been placed in the custody of other family members, while police investigate this suspicious death.

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