ATLANTA -- Here is the entire statement that Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory emailed to 11Alive News regarding the issue of the ordination of women:

"Repeatedly the four gospels confirm that Christ always recognized the dignity and the contributions of women in ways that were often in bold contrast to the standards of his society. They reveal that Jesus welcomed the friendship and the participation of women in His public ministry in ways that show a differentiation of roles between men and women. Together both worked to build up the unity of the Church, avoiding divisiveness.

The Catholic Church has consistently taught that the Church has no authority to confer priestly ordination on women since among His twelve Apostles Jesus Christ did not include any women in spite of His open association and friendship with women throughout his ministry. The attempt to "ordain" women by the group titled "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" brings division and fractures unity in the Church.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a General Decree stating that those who attempt to confer Holy Orders on a woman, and women who attempt to receive Holy Orders, incur automatic excommunication. Excommunication is knowingly, intentionally and willingly placing oneself outside the communion of the Catholic Church.

We pray that all those involved in an attempt to "ordain" "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" will be reconciled with the Church and that the harm and division caused will be healed, with the help of God's grace."


"Atlanta Woman to be Ordained a Priest"


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