WXIA/ WATL has been my "news" home since 2006. I started my television career by packing everything I owned into my Honda Civic and driving to Cheyenne, Wyoming (yes, that's the square state on the left).

I did it again two years later (this time with a U-Haul) up the east coast to Buffalo, New York. Since 2006, I've been working at 11 Alive News as a Backpack Journalist.

A what? Yeah, I get that a lot. It means I shoot, edit, write, and report my own material. Once I get things up and running here, I'll post a few of my favorite stories for "show and tell".

Sometime between my second and third marathons, I realized I'm addicted to that "runner's high". So while I'm not working, I'm running the streets of Atlanta. Or, when my crazy shift catches up with me, I'm curled up with a book ... which usually ends with me snoring on the couch. Yes, TV really is an exciting life.

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