ATLANTA (WXIA) -- Mildred Mallory, 91, and her caregiver Harriet Bradley are on a mission to end double-fares on Metro Atlanta's paratransit services. They say they will not give up until they get it stopped.

The pair say they want the samesingle fare and free transfer for the 10,000 eligible paratransit passengers that regular passengers have.

Right now, paratransit passengers have to pay a full fare on MARTA and suburban systems when transferring between carriers -- regular passengers do not.

Bradley and Mallory have already met with officials from MARTA and the Atlanta Regional Commission. Their next stop is the policy level -- the ARC's regional transit committee, which is chaired by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

ARC Planner Kenyata Smiley says finding a temporary solution is a top priority.

"This is the Atlanta region. I have been surprised as some things happen quickly, but others can take a very long time. I hope in the interim and going forward that we can look at some type of coordination form the providers on this fare issue," Smiley said.

A meeting of the Gwinnett County transit system planners, MARTA and the ARC is planned for later in March to try to come up with a solution.

"We can work together and see if we can temporarily stop the double fare while you go slow and do the fair thing. Meeting face-to-face with ARC (and its transit group) is my next step," Bradley said after the ARC Committee meeting.

Both Bradley and Mallory said they will do whatever it takes to get free transfers for paratransit passengers and put an end to the double fares.

"I am not giving up. (Thank you) Ms. Mallory taking the time and the courage, but we are speaking for every disabled person that didnt have the courage to say they would come or think that anybody would listen. They are listening and we've made a difference in that," Bradley said.

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