Sunday's pollen count is 3971. This is not only the highest count so far this year, but it is higher than any pollen count that we had last year. The major pollens present are Mulberry, Oak, Pine and Sweetgum.

The record and near record temperatures are making the trees, flowers and grasses begin to explode with pollen. Take a look at how the pollen count ramped up this week.








Some quick math shows we've seen the count go up 833 since Saturday. The highest pollen count in 2011 was 3939 on 3/24/11. The pollen count is the number of pollen particles per cubic meter of air. Thanks to the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic for providing the report. Check out their website for more on the pollen count.

The pollen count isn't the only thing that's high. The temperatures will soar again today. We will be 18 degrees above average today with a high of 83. That will be just 1 degree away from the record. The record for today's date is 84 set in 1982.