Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen will return to Miami on Monday night in order to try and diffuse a potentially explosive situation.

Guillen was quoted in a Time magazine article, which appeared online last Friday, praising former Cuban leader Fidel Castro for his longevity in the face of international scorn.

The 48-year-old initially planned on meeting with the media that day, but rescheduled for Tuesday, taking advantage of a one-day break in the Marlins' current three-game series against the Phillies in Philadelphia.

Guillen did apologize on Saturday, also going on Spanish-language radio in south Florida to clarify his comments.

"Tomorrow we have the day off, and I want to make everything clear about what's going on. Then people can see me and talk," Guillen said. "I've already talked to people. But I think it's best, the proper thing for them to see my eyes. They can see me and they can ask whatever questions they want. I think the sooner, the better."

A native Venezuelan, Guillen said the toughest thing he's had to do since his comments went public was apologizing to Marlins' Spanish broadcaster Felo Ramirez, who was born in Cuba.

Castro ruled his island nation with an iron fist for nearly five decades and had a contentious relationship with the United States. There is a significant Cuban community in Miami, which was aided by the infamous "Mariel Boatlift" of 1980, where thousands of exiles fled Castro's regime and took up residence in the Miami-Dade region.

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