(Sports Network) - Coaches for the men's and women's basketball teams at Baylor were involved in making impermissible phone calls and text messages during a more than two-year span, which could lead to NCAA sanctions on the programs, according to a report. obtained a copy of the summary disposition produced by the NCAA and Baylor following an investigation that uncovered more than 1,200 calls and texts violating NCAA rules.

According to ESPN, men's coach Scott Drew, women's coach Kim Mulkey and their assistants were involved in making impermissible contact over a 29-month span.

The report says Baylor has already self-imposed some penalties as a result of the investigation, which began in October 2008 when Brittney Griner, then a senior in high school, and her father reported potentially impermissible contact with members of the Baylor women's basketball staff.

Griner, the consensus player of the year, led Baylor to the first 40-0 record in college basketball history and the women's championship this past season.

Drew and Mulkey, along with the assistants involved, acknowledged their roles in the case, and one assistant resigned last year. Most of the impermissible calls were made by assistants, ESPN reported, but Drew and Mulkey are still subject to show-cause penalties under NCAA rules.

Emails to contacts at Baylor seeking comment were not immediately returned Monday afternoon.

According to ESPN, sanctions self-imposed by Baylor included prohibiting Mulkey from recruiting off-campus this summer; cutting two scholarships from the women's team this past season and one scholarship from the men's program last season and next season; and reducing the number of maximum visits allowed to the men's team next season.

The NCAA could accept Baylor's penalties and close the case, or announce more sanctions as early as this week, according to ESPN.

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