TheInternal Revenue Servicesays it owes about$1 billion to one million taxpayers across the U.S. because those peopledidn't file a tax return for 2008.

36 thousand Georgia residents are among one million people nationwide.

The IRS says college students and senior citizens are among the guilty parties as well as people who lost their jobs or made very little money during 2008.

The unclaimed refunds add up to$36 million in Georgia alone with a median of more than $500 per person .

You can find prior year tax forms on the IRS website in theforms and publications section.

Free help filing a tax returnis available from the Atlanta Prosperity Campaign's VITAprogram as well as from theAmerican Association of Retired Persons.

2008 returns much be postmarked by April 17th. AFter that, the unclaimed money goes into the U.S. Treasury.

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