ATLANTA -- Has the sun set for Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) president Issac Farris? Perhaps.

Areport by the Atlanta Inquirerindicates that board members may have held a vote to remove Farris during their Spring meeting on Tuesday. However, according toSCLC spokesperson Maynard Eaton, the organization won't confirm the story.

Eaton did tell 11Alive News that board members, including Chairman Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr., met for an "intense and spirited meeting" on Tuesday night.

And according to LaFayette, Farris' "status [with the organization]is unsure and his fate, unclear."

Eaton also stated that "board members and Farris have had a number of disagreements" since he was installed last summer; following the death of Rev. Howard Creecey Jr., the organization's previous president.

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