LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (WXIA) -- Teachers are supposed to encourage students to do their homework.

But a Gwinnett County teacher is accused of driving drunk and nearly running over two sixth graders while they were studying at a home in the Lexington Place subdivision.

"You never think it would happen to you, you know?" said 12-year-old Brandon Chidester.

"You figure the safest place you could be is in your own home," he added.

Chidester told 11Alive News he was visiting neighbor and 12-year-old classmate Daniel Pelaez last Friday night to study for an upcoming CRCT exam.

Suddenly the wall of the room they were studying in came crashing down on them.

"Like one second, everything just came on top of us and I was actually knocked unconscious," said Pelaez.

The boys didn't realize what had happened until Daniel's father broke down the door of the room and rescued them.

That's when they saw a red 2000 Isuzu Rodeo embedded in the side of the house.

It had also knocked over a fire hydrant and flooded the yard.

At the wheel was 44-year-old Lisa Ann Hale, a Gwinnett County public school teacher who lives just down the street.

Witnesses told police she staggered out of the car and admitted to being drunk and on prescription medication.

Gwinnett County Police charged Hale with Driving Under the Influence and Failure to Maintain a Lane.

The boys were taken to a hospital as a precaution, but did not suffer any serious injuries.

Daniel's mother, Lorraine Pelaez, considers it a miracle that the boys survived.

But she does not think the charges against teacher Hale are strong enough.

"We're left with the aftermath, emotionally, physically, mentally and all the clean up," she told 11Alive News.

Gwinnett County Police say DUI is the only charge they could bring against Hale.

"We couldn't charge her with anything more simply because there wasn't a serious bodily injury or a fatality involved in this," said Corporal Edwin Ritter.

"That's not fair for us and she could do that again and hurt another family or anything and I really don't think that's right," said 12-year-old Daniel.

Both boys say they no longer feel safe in their homes.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Gwinnett County Schools says Lisa Hale is still employed, but not at school while they do their own investigation.

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