Want to improve your landscaping without spending a bundle?

I do, but I'm atotal amateurso I consulted withPike Nursery'sMelodie McDanal.

She liked my front yard collection of shade perennials that add color all summer without a lot of money, since perennialsreturn year after year. I have coral bells, hostas, heuchera, lace hydrangeas and a few other perennials we have added over the years. To add some seasonal color this spring, I planted impatiens and columbine in whiskey barrels.

McDanal's second tip? Divide and conquer! I had already divided our hostas into smaller plants. She showed me how a $3.99 caladium can be divided into four separate plants as soon as you get it home from the store. The caladiums make a nice combination with just one inexpensive tray of impatiens.

Third, think edibles! The one sunny spot in my yard is by the mailbox, where I have herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, sage, and mint as well as a strawberry plant. McDanal pointed out herbs don't need much water, so I'll be saving on my water bill. But she suggestedI use a fertilizer like Miracle Grow on my sweet basil plant, which is slowly turning light green.

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