WINDER, Ga.(WXIA) --It will be a shorter year with longer days in Barrow County schools starting next fall.

In an economic climate where districts are watching their tax revenues fall each year, some are starting to get creative. Barrow County approved a 160-day schoolyear, down from 180, at their meeting on May 1.

There will be no change to instruction time because they'll add 15 minutes to every school day.

The budget in Barrow is down by more than $10 million since 2009. They will tap $5 million in reserves this year, and cut $5 million out of the budget. Out of that $5 million cut this year, the district will save $400,000 from the calendar change.

Superintendent Dr. Wanda Creel said she had already exhausted options like furlough days and other cuts during the past few years of tight budgets.

"This year we found ourselves at a place where we really didn't have too many of those top level reductions and so we had to get really creative in order to come up with the additional deductions," Creel said.

The $400,000 in savings will come from fewer hours operating buildings and buses, so servers and bus drivers will be affected by the change. So will parents having to pay for a few extra daycare days. 11AliveNewsspoke with more than a dozen parents in Winder Thursday; none said they would be bothered by the calendar change.

"I would rather concentrate on my children's education," said Barrow parent Michelle Hoback. "I'll go ahead and spend the extra money on daycare to give our children a better education."

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