ATLANTA -- The search for one of the FBI's Most Wantedis over. Adam Mayes shot and killed himself when a law enforcement officer approached him in a wooded area in Union County, Mississippi. Thetwo sisters he kidnapped were found safe.

Mayes was the subject of a nationwide manhunt and the face of billboards across the country, especially in the South.

For the past four days his wanted poster has been displayed on digital billboards across metro Atlanta. It's a service provided for free by the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia. "We do it because we want to be good corporate citizens and we want to be able to help the community where we can," said Joe Garner of Clear Channel Outdoor.

Billboard companies like Clear Channel can manage the company's 46 billboards from a desktop computer. They have used the billboards for Amber Alerts, Mattie's Calls, wanted fugitives and weather alerts.

When the FBI or another law enforcement agency needs an alert posted, they send an image to the billboard companies. The billboard companiesthen put the image into a computer program and can get the image on all of their billboards or select ones. "If there was an alert in Cobb County, we could post it only on our Cobb County digitals," Garner said.

Once the billboard company receives the artwork from the FBI, they can have the alerts on their billboards within15 minutes to half a half hour, according to Garner. That's key in child emergencies where minutes can mean the difference between life and death. "It's great to know that we've helped out and we've done a good cause and helped out a family that is in need," Garner said.

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