ELLENWOOD, Ga. -- Police are trying to find out how a4-year-oldboy nearly shot himself in the face Tuesday morning. They said he "came across" a .38 caliber weapon in his Ellenwood home.

DeKalb County Police said the boy suffered a light graze wound to his forehead while handling the gun. The bullet did not get below the skin far enough to touch any bone, but he was taken to the hospital by his mother as a precautionary measure anyway. It all happened on Cedar Trace Lane near Panthersville and River roads around 10:30.

DeKalb Public Safety Director William Miller said it's not yet clear why the boy had the gun or who it belongs to, but it appears to be an accidental shooting.At this point, he said no charges have been filed against the child's mother or roomate, who were both home at the time of the shooting.

"I get nervous when I hear these kinds of calls," Miller said of the initial call over the radio about a four-year-old being shot. "But I'm glad that this one is apparently going to turn out well for his child and this family."

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