ATLANTA -- A weekend post on Atlantic Station's Facebook page says the area is considering a ban on smoking, but wants to first gauge public opinion. As of early Monday, more than 300 "likes" were logged. But a few who left comments disagreed.

Comments against a ban, include:

"Here's a thought... instead of taking away liberties why don't the anti smokers inconvenience THEMSELVES for a change! I don't smoke, but if it bothers me, I don't go! Honestly, I'd rather to to an establishment that allows smoking so that we can AVOID obnoxious kids whose parents let them run wild in a restaurant!"

And, "No, get over yourselves."

Comments for a ban, include:

"YES! It's disgusting and a health hazard."

And, "I'm allergic to smoking and truly suffer when others selfishly light up. They cannot keep their smoke to themselves and instead foist the cancerous toxins upon innocent bystanders. They are addicts if they disregard the harm they are causing others. I do not patronize establishments that allow smoking."

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