ATLANTA -- It's a collective effort to help a homeless, young man go to college.

Frederick Dukes graduated from Washington High School in Atlanta last week.

Wednesday he was treated to a shopping spree, courtesy of community activist Derrick Boazman and D and K Men's Store.

Boazman says he heard about Dukes' story on the news. Dukes says he became homeless when his stepmother moved back to South Carolina last year.

He stayed behind living with any friends he could and finishing school with a 3.3 grade point average.

He says "everyone is offering their help now seeing that I'm determined to get to where I'm going and I appreciate it. And I appreciate it. That's why I can just go to college and show them and continue on my journey to success."

Dukes says he plans to attend Coker College in his hometown of Hartsville, South Carolina, this fall.

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