DALLAS, Ga.-- It's a math lesson with a Vegas-style roll of a giant, foam rubber die.

The sure bet in the kindergarten classroom at Union Elementary is the excitement the five and six year olds have for learning to count thanks to their enthusiastic role model, teacher Gretchen Witt

Witt's energy fuels their interest.

"They love something new, seeing us use the big die. And, they love going back using die of their own," said Witt as the students play games in pairs throughout the room.

"This is Fill the Shoots. It's actually a new game for our Common Core State Standards this year," said Witt.

It all looks like fun, but Witt has very serious, high expectations for every child in her class.

"I feel if you hold that bar up high, they're going to meet it. If you hold it low, they're going to meet that," said Witt.

"I love being a part of their first impression; their first experience about school," said Witt. "My goal everyday is to want them to love it. It's the most rewarding career I could ever imagine."

It's why she's an 11Alive Class Act winner.

Heidi Wentz,Witt'ssister, nominated her for 11Alive's Class Actaward.

"My younger sister is an amazing kindergarten teacher," said Wentz in her nomination. "She has been there for nine years and does an amazing job with her precious little kids. The children lover her and so does the staff."

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