ATLANTA -- As Tropical Storm Isaac makes its way toward the U.S. over the next few days, residents in Georgia need to start getting everything in order in case Isaac veers towards our state (which many models have shown are highly possible).

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GEORGIA PREPARATION TIPS (Flooding, Winds, & Tornadoes)
- Extra gas both fuel (for vehicles) and propane (for grills)

-Keep cash on hand (just as gas pumps stop working when the power goes out, so do ATMs)

- Make arrangements for your pets as many shelters or hotels do not allow pets.

- Know where emergency shelters are set up

- Confirm that all your home and auto insurance policies are valid and up to date.

- Charge all your cell phones and computers ahead of time, and charge any battery operated phone/computer chargers

- Place your fire extinguisher in an accessible area

- Keep a list of contact information for reference.
*Local Police Department
*Local Fire Department
*Family Doctors
*Utility Companies (water, gas, & electric)
*Local American Red Cross
*Local TV Stations
*Your Property Insurance Agent

- Keep all your important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in sorted Ziploc bags, inside of a waterproof container.

- Have a disaster supply kit ready, and make

- Clean drains, downspouts, and gutters of debris

- If your roof is damaged or worn, replace the covering with something that can handle higher winds speeds, many standard tarp coverings can only withstand minimal wind speeds.

- Keep your weather radio handy and charged, or have extra batteries.

- Protect your computer. It might be a good idea to backup important documents on flash drives or email yourself important files.

- If you live in an area that could possibly suffer severe wind or water damage, be sure to have some photos of the interior of your home, particularly if you have done any renovations or have high quality furnishing¬s or art or antiques. Dealing with insurance companies after disaster strikes can be very tough, so documentation can be very important.

- Catch up on all of your laundry before the storm, there is no telling how long you may be out of electricity and or water.

Also do not forget to to stock your disaster supply kits for your home. These are not just handy for tropical storms, but for any natural disaster.

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