LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Imagine being in such a tough financial situation, you were driven to pulling out two of your own teeth. It's a feeling Sherry Frye has already experienced, and didn't want to experience again. So on Saturday, she was relieved to be in the hands of professionals.

"Oh I appreciate it so much, words can't describe it," Frye said while she waited for a dentist. "That people have a heart to come out and do this for people like us-it's awesome, it's just been a great blessing."

The Center for Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry in Lawrenceville opened its doors for the sixth year in a row for free dental care. At six am, they handed out 175 passes to offer cleanings, fillings and extractions. A team of ten dentists and fifteen hygienists from different offices volunteered to work throughout the day providing free care.

"Obviously you work a lot harder than you normally do," said Dr. Nooredin Nurani. "But everybody's just so appreciative at the end it's a great feeling, a great way to give back."

Several patients said they waited 12 hours through the night to get a chance at free care. As they walked out, many were smiling, even thought they'd just had a tooth pulled.

"It feels great, feels wonderful," said Gerrett Anderson after a painful tooth was finally pulled. "It's a good thing they do this, it's a great way to help out a lot of people."

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