ATLANTA -- On a rain-soaked Monday evening, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed met with residents to discuss the city's plans for the flood-prone Peoplestown neighborhood.

The Peoplestown neighborhood flooded twicethis pastJuly, sending a mix of rainwater and raw sewage cascading into residents' homes.

In the aftermath of the flooding, 11Alive News made a commitment to hold City Hall accountable for findinga permanent solutionto the problem that had plagued this neighborhood for the better part of a decade.

Mayor Reed told residents several projects already underway have lessened but not eliminated the threat of flooding from the city's combined sewage and drainage system.

The mayor said the long-term solution would likely involve building a large detention pond or other temporary rainwater storage system.

Mayor Reed cautioned that the solution to flooding in Peoplestown would not be quick or cheap, estimating it could cost between $25 millionto $35 million.

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