Short Term

The weather for the next few days will be a lot like today. The subtropical jet is still hanging out to the south and is keeping some mid level clouds around the area. Even though we will be mostly cloudy for the next few days, we will have temps making it up into the lower 80's which is above the average for this time of year.

A Big Cool down!

Both computer models I look at for long range weather information are in agreement, as am I, that a strong cold front is going to be moving in this direction and moving into the state as early as Saturday night. Take a look at the front to the north of us, temps are in the 30's and it is snowing in WI!!! That air is going to head in this direction and give a nice shot of much cooler air late Saturday night into Sunday morning. The best day to be outside and do anything will be Saturday because Sunday will be cool and blustery, highs will struggle to make it into the mid and upper 60's. There is also a very good chance that early Monday morning a few spots in the mountains could see its first near or right at the freezing mark! More updates to come!!

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