ATLANTA -- Minerva Riche, who was involved in a violent home invasion on Thursday,is likely toappear in court Friday morning at 9 a.m.

Riche is being taken the Fulton County Jail at 901 Rice Street on Thursday evening. According to Tracy Flanagan of the Fulton County Government, Friday morning will mark the first felony appearance hearing for Riche.

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Riche was driving a blue Ford Mustang, a getaway car in the home invasion that took place in the 700 block of Catherine St. NW. The crime involvedRiche, along with three male suspects. When police arrived on the scene, one male fled the scene on foot,another jumped into a black Pacifica, andthe third jumped into Riche's Mustang.

The invasion occurred early Thursday morning, just before 12:30. A 12-year-old boy called 911 from the home's attic.

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