ATLANTA -- On Election Day, instead of teaching her fourth grade class at Warren T. Jackson Elementary, Cortney Campbell will present a video and lesson on Common Sense to 600 executives and staff of Apple.

The computer giant wants Campbell to talk about thevideo sheandher students createdwhile working on a history assignment.

"We were learning about Thomas Paine and how he created this pamphlet called Common Sense," said Campbell. "I thought, what's a common sense issue for this generation? And, I said, 'It's the textbooks'. These bulky textbooks are outdated. This generation thrives with interaction."

Her students then wrote essays on the topic. Later, they decided to make a video called Common Sense Kids.


"When we sent itto Apple, we didn't know if Apple was going to see it, I mean, it's a Apple," said Campbell.

"I didn't know it would go this far," said Jack Keifer, whose mother nominated Ms. Campbell for 11Alive's Class Act Award.

Apple executives have asked Campbell to present to their Education Sales Conference in Austin, Texas.

The irony is Apple thought the class had iPads, because they're prominent in the video. But, thestudents brought in a few iPads belonging to parents in the video.

For now, Campbell still uses traditional textbooks.

"By definition, a book has an end," said Campbell. "I think all teachers, we're ready. We want this (technology with textbooks). We want to teach them in a way that they're engaged. We want to teach them where they're at."

"We take the focus off of us and their discovery and their ideas. They're so creative this generation,"Campbell said.

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