JONESBORO, Ga. -- When teacher Anna Cox of Jonesboro High School found herself stranded in New York City with more than a dozen teenagers during Superstorm Sandy, she didn't panic.

As a matter of fact, the teens say she became their calm in the midst of the storm.

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"She tried to calm us down because we were pretty, kinda scared, but she was like 'Everyone, we're going to be fine. Don't worry,'" said Nancy Sausedo , a junior at Jonesboro High School in Clayton County.

"She told us to be calm. 'Focus on the competition. We're taking care of everything,'"Myloon Craig said of Cox's reaction.

Cox focused on making sure the students remained safe and kept their focused on competing in the national mock trial championships.

The Jonesboro team came in fourth in the nation, but then had to worry about what getting back home to Goergia.

When they couldn't make it back by plane because of canceled flights, the Clayton County School system sent a bus to get them.

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Cox admits she likes spending time with teens and enjoys teaching them Latin. Many on the mock trial team are in her third year Latin class.

"I can reason with them, and I can think with them and they offer so much fun," Cox said. "They offer creativity in class. They need support. They need me to be their school mama."

"She's Super Mom," said Felicia Barham. "She's always there for you."

It's why Anna Cox has won the 11Alive Class Act Award.

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