Decatur, Ga. -- The car was like-new. It had fancy hidden cup holders, a push-button starter and air conditioning that could be controlled from the rear seats. But after exploring all that, 15-year-old Caleb Womack pointed out the new seatbelts. He walked back to the family's 1993 Suburban, which had broken down on him in the middle of the street before.

"Let me show you something," Womack said. "This is where Josh sits, my youngest brother with Down's [syndrome.] His seatbelt broke, and I actually fixed it with a hangar and duct tape, but now it's not going to be an issue anymore."

The family of six has been struggling with health problems and strained finances. But Monday morning they were given a refurbished 2008 Toyota in a partnership between Allstate Insurance and Sterling Autobody. More than forty cars will be given away during the holiday season this year.

"Every year, the chills and goose bumps, all the emotions run through your head," said Sterling Autobody's Peter Olson on watching the event.

David Womack said he had been planning to fix their suburban after it kept breaking down. He was never planning to receive a nearly new car for free.

"I'm speechless as far as someone giving me a car, what a blessing it is," Womack said. "Sometimes when you're in your situation there's the sense that you're left and there's nobody with you. But it's a lie. The truth is that people love us, God loves us, and God is always with you."

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