EAST POINT, Ga. -- It was a rare look at an extraordinary day in the life of a fireman, and what goes through their minds before and after a successful rescue. The East Point Fire Department gathered Thursday to salute two men who saved a young boy and girl from their burning home Monday night. The children were left alone when the fire started.

"We were just determined to save these kids," said Lt. Cedric Chaney. "We were determined to get them out of that house once we knew they were in there."

They ran into the home, but the smoke was too thick to see. They used their training, which taught them to use their hands as eyes. As they searched the rooms, they paused to listen, another training cue.

"We heard moaning, and that's how I knew we had victims in that bedroom," said Lt. Scott Thompson.

They found the young girl, but she wasn't breathing. They found the boy after her, and took them both out of the building. After CPR was performed on the girl, she started breathing.

"Imagine the best experience of your life, and then multiply that times ten, and that's the feeling you get when you save a life," Thompson said. "In the fire service, we experience a lot of death. To have a save like that where someone survives, it kind of makes up for all of it."

The parents showed up after the children were rescued. The kids are in the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. East Point police have not charged the parents with a crime. They will make that decision after meeting with fire investigators and the district attorney.

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