ATLANTA, Ga. -- For six days, activists from Occupy Atlanta and a family of four had lived in a pink two-story house on Windsor Street. It ended abruptly at midday with Atlanta Police at the door.

Theauthoritieswere accompanied by representatives of the bank that owns the house-- ordering the squatters out.

"It is against the law to be on someone's property if the owner doesn't want you there," said Carlos Campos, Atlanta Police Department spokesman.

The house is surrounded by dwellings vacated and boarded up as ownership in the Pittsburgh community dried up. In this case, residents say the owner is a bank that foreclosed on this property this summer.

"They're not legitimate in saying this is their property. Coz this was stolen from the family that had paid in for generations," said Ben Smith, one of the activists.

Police arrested four people, whom they say had refused the order to leave. Two of them stood on the roof of the house, holding a yellow banner. Police had to crawl through a window to physically take them into custody.

"Housing is a human right," said Occupy leader Tim Franzen as he was taken into custody. "And it's amazing that the bank can make one phone call and get thousands of dollars of resources in this community. But when we try to fix up the neighborhood, this is what we get."

Police say the law was clear, the end of the occupation unavoidable. The pink house will return to its bank-owned, vacant status.

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